Je suis Alexe, photographe de mode et de portrait commercial.

Mon travail est inspiré par les années 70, la musique et le cinéma.
J'aime la lumière naturelle pour son imprévisibilité et sa magie, la dualité et la force des clair-obscur ainsi que la chaleur et l'onirisme des couchers de soleil.

J’aime photographier les peaux, le mouvement, la sensualité et par dessus tout la liberté. 

Je suis basée à Paris et je vous accompagne dans le monde entier pour vos projets.

I am a Paris-based photographer, my journey began in the fashion industry at age 19. Starting in retail and wholesale, I swiftly navigated through various roles such as visual merchandiser, creative director and content creator. Alongside my industry ventures, I established a clothing brand "People Are Strange," specializing in handmade kimonos, showcasing my flair for design and entrepreneurship.

With a foundation in ready-to-wear and a keen eye for conceptualizing and directing photoshoots my photography embodies a fusion of 70's music and film influences. I gravitate towards natural light, drawn to its unpredictable allure, and find creative solace in the warmth of sunsets..setting the perfect visual tone for my compositions.
My photographic style is characterized by my ability to capture skin, movement, sensuality, and above all..freedom.

In recent years, I collaborated with numerous brands, campaigns and musicians portfolio, leveraging my expertise to deliver captivating visual narratives. While based in Paris, I am not bound by geography, and readily travel worldwide for my craft. I am continually seeking inspiration and new opportunities to showcase my artistic vision.

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